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Orders are usually shipped with DHL or DPD. The delivery time within the EU is approx. 3-9 working days. We are not responsible for delays caused by DHL/DPD. Should delays by us arrive, you will usually be informed.

Orders should always be placed via the webshop, as with any other online retailer. Shipping is free for orders over €100 and the processing is faster.

A "purchase on account" is not possible - please select from the payment options provided.

Le Nouveau Chef is an online retailer that sells its items directly and has a network of resellers in a wide variety of countries around the world, not all of which, however, have a specialist bricks-and-mortar shop. We therefore recommend taking a look at our partners and contacting them directly if necessary: Authorized Dealers

Which country are you looking for? On the website, in the top right corner, there is an option to choose from a variety of options. If you are from the USA or Switzerland, visit for the USA: or for Switzerland:

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Frequently asked questions

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