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Discount code

Enter the promotional code at the end of the checkout process in the box provided in your shopping basket. Check that the total amount is correct. If you experience any problems using a promotional code, please contact us before proceeding with payment. Unless specifically stated, multiple promotions cannot be combined for one order.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer discounts after the order/payment process has been completed.

Please check the products in the basket - if they are partner products, accessories or student orders (NL), the code will not work.
If this is not the case, it may be because there is already an order in the basket, the discount code has been entered and the order has then been cancelled (e.g. to pay and then back again). In this situation, please contact

If neither of these apply, please send the discount code to and we will check it. It may be an old code that is not yet included in the new platform.

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Frequently asked questions

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