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About Le Nouveau Chef

Le Nouveau Chef is a family business, started by one generation and continued by another. It all started in 1986 with the simple idea to create distinctive attire, designed to help chefs be the best they can be. As our family continues to grow, we not only maintain this philosophy, we embody it by always striving to excel at what we do best. We care a great deal about establishing genuine, long-lasting connections with our clients. We consider them, as well as our staff, to be part of the family. We are proud to be part of this community of chefs. A community that pays great attention to detail and always strives for perfection. Just like we do.

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We focus on aesthetic, high performance and innovation to create chef wear that feels,
fits and looks great.

Are you ready to choose your look?

''We have always regarded chefs as individuals who should be able to express their personal style, just like they do when creating their signature dishes.''

- Madelon ten Hoope, owner