35 years
Le Nouveau Chef


Our Heritage

In 1986, Le Nouveau Chef’s founder Robert ten Hoope discovered how much discomfort chefs were experiencing due to a lack of well-fitting chef jackets. He spoke with a variety of chefs and started to come up with ideas. He tested his designs endlessly and devel-oped clothing that allowed chefs to experience true freedom of movement in the kitchen.

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High quality fabrics

Robert used fabrics of only the highest quality. In fact, he was the first in his field to balance practicality and style, which allowed him to create a new, fashionable fit for food professionals. This is how it all started, and what brought us to where Le Nouveau Chef is today: continuously innovating and balancing practicality and style while holding sustainability in high regard. Today, Le Nouveau Chef is owned and run by Robert’s daughter Madelon and his son-in-law Paul van Luipen.

Personal style

“We have always regarded chefs as individuals who should be able to express their personal style, just like they do when creating their signature dishes. Thanks to them, we have been able to expand our expertise and we continue this by building a chef community around the world”

- Paul van Luipen, CEO

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We help chefs outperform themselves
by looking their very best.