Natural strength
from the Masters of Linen

If you are looking for an easy-going and natural look, the loose-fit Chavi is your go to chef jacket.
The Chavi is available in Warm Grey and in limited editions Pilot Blue and Flax Grey.

Chef Jacket Chavi Warm Grey

€143.75 excl. VAT

Chef Jacket Chavi Pilot Blue

€143.75 excl. VAT

Chef Jacket Chavi Flax Grey

€143.75 excl. VAT


Care Instructions

Chef Jacket Chavi
The Chavi is made from the highest quality Belgian linen. A natural material that is known for its strength. This special fabric is not suitable for industrial laundry.

The use of laundry detergent that contains optical whitener and chlorine can cause colour change. Note that linen is a natural product that may shrink during the washing process.

Washing instructions
We advise you to follow these washing instructions to ensure the life and performance of your garment. 

Before use
The garment needs to be washed before use on 30°C on a short program with a small amount of washing powder.

General instructions
The garment is provided with a label with washing instructions. Please follow these instructions carefully. Do not overload the washing machine for the best result. 

Coloured clothing
Make sure you separate white and coloured clothing. Please use washing powder especially for coloured clothing. 

Highly contaminated clothing
Macerate your highly contaminated white clothing in Biotex for a night and then run a prewash + normal washing program on 40°C or 60°C. To remove grease stains use a low temperature program and a high temperature program for fruit and vegetables stains. Use of chlorinated detergents will shorten the life of the garment.

Washing Symbols Chavi