Tracing the complete origin of every material in our supply chain is a complicated task due to the fashion industry's long-standing lack of transparency. Although we wish we could provide you with all the details from A to Z, there is still some work to be done. Gradually, we are improving our ability to trace the sourcing and development of our materials into finished garments. We consider it our mission to keep you informed as much as possible about the origin of your Le Nouveau Chef orders so that you can make well-informed investment decisions. Understanding the origin of your garment is like knowing where your food comes from. We wear clothes all the time, right on top of our skin. It just makes sense to us that this information should be easy to find.

We are proud to mention that all our production facilities are located in Europe, just like us. Having our production in Europe helps us control our environmental impact by reducing shipping compared to production in Asia. In our commitment to offer full transparency about our suppliers, we're offering insights into our partners. You can discover details about the facilities we work with, including their background, the number of employees, daily working hours, and average salary. Find out what they produce and when we visited them last. We share this information to give you a glimpse into the people behind the clothes you wear. The well-being of others is our top priority, and we believe everyone in the supply chain should be treated with care and respect.

We are aware that there is always more to trace, including the origin of the raw fibres and other components used in manufacturing or dyeing our garments. We will consistently update this page and strive for a minimum of ninety percent transparency within the next five years. In the meantime, we'll be visiting our facilities to focus on tracing everything from the thread to the buttons used in your garment.