Chance to win cookbook ‘Vijf Seizoenen’

"Chance to win cookbook ‘Vijf Seizoenen’ by Jonathan Zandbergen - TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR LE NOUVEAU CHEF - Le Nouveau Chef - "Le Nouveau Chef X Jonathan Zandbergen" 2024

  • These "Chance to win cookbook ‘Vijf Seizoenen’" terms and conditions are an addition to the standard Le Nouveau Chef terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are exclusively for the "Chance to win cookbook ‘Vijf Seizoenen’".
  • Applied to the Le Nouveau Chef "Chance to win cookbook ‘Vijf Seizoenen’" (hereinafter: “"Win-chance"”) organised by Le Nouveau Chef B.V. (hereinafter: “Le Nouveau Chef”).
  • The "Win-chance" starts on 11-07-2024 and ends on 19-07-2024.
  • The winner (five winners in total) is determined by random choosing. The prize winner will receive a personal message via Instagram. The winner will possibly be announced via social media. The winner has fourteen days to collect the prize after responding, after this day the prize expires. Not all participants will be notified individually of the result. The results are not open to discussion.
  • The prize is personal and is in the name of the winner. The prize is not transferable or otherwise exchangeable for cash.
  • Participation
    • Participation in the "Win-chance" promotion is free.
    • To participate in the "Win-chance", the participant must comply with the Terms and Conditions (as set out below and standard). 
    • To participate in the “Win-chance”, the participant must follow all the following accounts on Instagram: @lenouveauchef, @Jonathanzandbergen and @Vijfseizoenen during the time the promotion is running. 
    • By participating in the "Win-chance", the participant has a chance to win one of five of the “Vijf Seizoenen” cookbooks written by Jonathan Zandbergen. This Cookbook “Vijf Seizoenen” is written in Dutch and can’t be translated nor is there a translated version of the book.
  • Shipping will be done by Le Nouveau Chef and the shipping costs are only paid by Le Nouveau Chef for European delivery, therefore the participant should be located or have a residence in Europe.
  1. Applicability
  • By participating in the "Win-chance", the participant declares to agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  • Le Nouveau Chef may, at its discretion and without prior notice, change or amend the "Win-chance" Terms and Conditions during the term of the "Win-chance" without giving any reason, as well as amend, amend or discontinue the "Win-chance".
  1. Provider

Unless otherwise stated, the "Win-chance" is organised by:
Le Nouveau Chef B.V.
De Droogmakerij 29H
1851 LX Heiloo
+31(0)85 225 0093

  1. Participation
  • Participants must: be at least 18 years old; and have a permanent residence in Europe or residence in Europe; and to provide the requested (contact) data and information completely, up-to-date and correctly and to be in possession of a valid ID.
  • Each participant can participate in a "Win-chance" at most once.
  • The employees of Le Nouveau Chef as well as their partners and / or family members, its dealer network and parties and persons who are directly involved in (organising) the "Win-chance" are excluded from participation.
  • Le Nouveau Chef reserves the right to exclude, disqualify and / or refuse a participant if he or she acts contrary to the provisions of the "Win-chance" Terms and Conditions, has provided incorrect, incomplete or misleading information, the (outcome of the) attempts to manipulate or unlawfully influence or commit or attempt to commit fraud, or otherwise engage in unacceptable behaviour.
  • Participants who do not meet the above conditions can be excluded from participation.
  1. Determination and Announcement of Winners
  • The winner of the "Win-chance" will be selected in an impartial and random manner, for example by a computer program, draw, a bailiff or notary.
  • Prior to the designation of a winner, Le Nouveau Chef will check whether the participants in the "Win-chance" meet the conditions. After the designation, Le Nouveau Chef checks again whether the participant who has been designated as the winner meets the conditions. If the participant / winner does not meet (one of) the conditions, Le Nouveau Chef can exclude this participant / winner from participating in the "Win-chance" and that participant is therefore no longer eligible for the prize.
  • If a winner does not claim the prize won within fourteen days after Le Nouveau Chef has announced the winner on Instagram, the winner will irrevocably lose his claim to the prize won.
  • There will be no correspondence about the outcome of the "Win-chance".
  1. Prices
  • A prize won is personal, non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods.
  • The price is not valid in combination with other promotions, discounts and vouchers, unless stated otherwise.
  • The price “Vijf Seizoenen” cookbook is written in Dutch and there’s no option for a book in another language.
  1. Privacy
  • Le Nouveau Chef is responsible for the collection and use of the personal data in the context of the "Win-chance". Personal data obtained from participants in the context of the "Win-chance" will be processed  in order to be able to administer and execute the "Win-chance" The participant guarantees that all information provided by him / her is correct, up-to-date and complete. Personal data will be stored for a short period after the end of the "Win-chance", insofar as this is necessary for the awarding of the prize. After that, the personal data will be destroyed.
  • We may link and analyse your personal data in order to develop and improve our products, processes,  services and marketing and business strategies and to gain a better understanding of them. If required  by law, permission is first requested. If consent is not required, we perform the aforementioned activities to promote our legitimate interests.
  • If a participant no longer wishes their data to be processed in the context of the "Win-chance", or wishes to withdraw certain consents, Le Nouveau Chef will cancel the participant's participation in the "Win-chance",
  • And anonymize the participant's data and any reference to the removed participant.
  • The winner has to agree on Le Nouveau Chef sharing their name and/or social media username to be posted on the Le Nouveau Chef social media profiles and the related Instagram accounts @Jonathanzandbergen and @Vijfseizoenen
  1. Final provisions
  • To the extent permitted under applicable mandatory law, Le Nouveau Chef is not liable for any damage to the participant as a result of the "Win-chance" including, but not limited to, damage resulting from inability to participate in the "Win-chance", disqualification, defects in the prize. the receipt of the prize by an unauthorised person and / or the inability to use a prize.
  • Any printing, spelling, typesetting or other comparable errors cannot be invoked against Le Nouveau Chef and in no way create an obligation for Le Nouveau Chef.
  • Le Nouveau Chef reserves the right to change, terminate, extend and / or change prices or the Promotional Terms and Conditions at any time and without giving reasons, at its sole discretion and without giving reasons.
  • If one or more provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Promotion are null and void or are nullified, Le Nouveau Chef is entitled to determine one or more replacement provisions that approximate the nature and scope of the null or nullified provision as closely as possible without being null or nullified itself.
  • In cases not provided for in the Promotional Terms and Conditions, a decision will be taken by Le Nouveau Chef.
  • Insofar as the "Win-chance" qualifies as a "Win-chance" game of chance, Le Nouveau Chef acts in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance when offering the Promotion.
  • Only Dutch law applies to the promotion and the promotions Terms and Conditions.
  • Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the promotion may be communicated to Le Nouveau Chef by email ( )