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Become a Le Nouveau Chef Ambassador and join our community of passionate individuals who love culinary content. With our Ambassador Program, you’ll have the chance to showcase your culinary talents, connect with other talented creatives, all while being fully equipped with our high-quality and stylish chef clothing and catering uniforms.

We believe you would make a perfect ambassador, so join our program today. Join us on a culinary journey and surround yourself with the perfect audience who shares your passion for culinary excellence and innovation.

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As a Le Nouveau Chef Ambassador you are always on trend, passionate about crafting creative and out-of-the-box content, expert at inspiring and entertaining online followers, skilled in producing high-quality photos and videos, and perfectly aligned with our vision and corporate identity.

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Join a community of creatives
Become part of a dynamic community of like-minded creatives in the culinary world.

Featured on Le Nouveau Chef platforms
Have the chance to be featured on our official platforms, amplifying your reach and recognition in the culinary community.

Access to exclusive product releases
Be among the first to experience and showcase our latest and exclusive product releases.

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Become an ambassador

Will you be our next Ambassador?

Please provide your name and email address, social media link(s), along with a brief explanation of why you believe you would make an excellent Le Nouveau Chef ambassador.

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All applications to become a brand ambassador are examined individually. Le Nouveau Chef determines whether a person and/or account is eligible for a collaboration. In a collaboration, Le Nouveau Chef is leading for the offer in exchange for the consideration. Some criteria are: Affection with the catering industry, a social media account with at least 10k followers, video content, no collaborations with competing catering brands and no involvement in politically and/or socially sensitive conflicts.