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Our pursuit

Our community of chefs and hospitality experts thrive on consistently raising the bar in caring for others. We are committed to integrate this key motivation into our entire cycle, from production to aftercare.

Fundamentally, Hospitality is about the art of caring and nurturing based on one’s individual qualities. Therefore, we are convinced that our industry can offer the foundation for a healthier system. Our community of chefs and hospitality experts master the art of care taking like no other, enabling individuals to create memories that endure a lifetime. At Le Nouveau Chef, we feel fortunate to be part of their journey and within their ethos see many answers to the challenges we face. Providing our community with thoughtfully made, durable wear, we empower them to even exceed their own expectations.

Building something valuable and lasting requires a continuous exchange. Over the years, we have consistently learned from, laughed with, and talked to our collaborators. Through these conversations, we understand like no other that serving an unforgettable dinner or staying in a memorable hotel depends entirely on a planet that provides us with the finest ingredients and conditions. To secure this, we need a clean environment and a stable climate. This also applies to how we produce our chefs' and service wear.

We celebrate beauty and see it as a way to nurture others. A beautiful experience depends on the mix of the right elements. In our industry, no one operates alone; it's the combination of factors that can make a difference. By creating products that are not only functional but also crafted with an eye for style, we contribute to lasting memories. It's crucial to us that our creations align with the aspirations of our community for crafting unique dishes and delivering outstanding service.

Through our mission, we see ourselves integral to our chefs' success. Stylish, functional workwear boosts confidence and avoids premature waste. Simultaneously, we strive for a healthier production chain, prioritizing the well-being of our collaborators and the planet in our ongoing journey of steady progression. This forms the basis of our identity, evident both intuitively and in our statutes.