At Le Nouveau Chef, we're committed to integrate social and environmental considerations into our decision-making process. We take corporate governance seriously, maintaining high standards to create lasting value for our shareholders and stakeholders.

Our corporate governance model strictly complies with all relevant laws and regulations in The Netherlands, our corporate home. Shareholders keep a watchful eye on the operations of Le Nouveau Chef Holding B.V., while the Management Board oversees the management of Le Nouveau Chef B.V. It's all about ensuring accountability and steering our ship towards a future that's prosperous.

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A two-way street. We understand that our impact on the world and the world's impact on us go hand in hand. It's like a two-way street. This awareness guides our commitment to doing better for the planet and staying ahead of changes in the world. We believe that by embracing this dual perspective, we can shape a harmonious and balanced future for Le Nouveau Chef.

Understanding our stakeholders. To ensure a diverse and comprehensive understanding of perspectives, we actively sought input from a spectrum of stakeholders. Through surveys and interviews with employees, managers, suppliers, customers, dealers, ambassadors, partners, and collaboration with the Dutch industry association, we've put together insights that guide our decision-making.

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At Le Nouveau Chef, we are committed to fostering an environment of trust, integrity, and accountability. Our whistleblowing procedure outlines the process for reporting concerns related to unethical behaviour, policy violations, or actions conflicting with our principles. Transparency and social responsibility are at the core of our values. The procedure provides a secure and confidential channel for individuals, both within and outside our organization, to voice concerns without fear of reprisal. 

Code of Ethics

Le Nouveau Chef's Code of Ethics is a guiding framework that underscores our commitment to integrity, ethical conduct, and legal compliance in all aspects of our operations. This code outlines the principles that every employee, officer, and director at Le Nouveau Chef is expected to uphold, emphasising personal accountability, fair employment, workplace safety, accurate reporting, and leadership. Our dedication extends to fostering a positive work environment, preventing discrimination, and adhering to ethical standards in dealings with vendors, customers, and competitors. This comprehensive document includes our Whistleblowing procedure, highlighting our commitment to addressing concerns promptly and maintaining a culture where employees can voice concerns without fear of reprisal. We believe in responsible business conduct, and this code serves as a testament to our commitment to ethical business practices. 

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Responsible business conduct

We uphold a commitment to responsible business conduct, dedicated to fostering a fair and resilient world. Our approach extends from meticulous product care to the entirety of our supply chain. We prioritise long-term relationships with partners, aiming not only for the creation of beautiful garments, but also for the well-being of everyone involved. Transparency is paramount,so we actively seek insights into the social and environmental impact of our products, working collaboratively for continuous improvement. In our responsible purchasing policy, we make sure to follow international rules for fair labour (ILO Conventions), respect for human rights (UNGP), and ethical business practices globally (OECD Guidelines). This helps us to comply with all the necessary laws and regulations regarding human rights, the environment, and product safety. Join us in our corporate responsibility program, supporting themes such as non-discrimination, child and forced labour prevention, freedom of association, fair wages, and ethical trade. Together, let's create a world where elegance intertwines seamlessly with ethics, where our choices echo responsibility.