The Kitchen Towel: A revolution in function and form

The Kitchen Towel: A revolution in function and form

The kitchen towel, a highly functional object, essential in every kitchen. This product has many names, shapes and even its function has changed over time. It is a classic for a reason, which is why we decided it was time for our homage to this indispensable product.

A revolution in function and form
The kitchen towel started out as a ‘tea towel’, this name is still used, but no longer suits the multifunctional purpose it now has. The ‘tea towel’ originated from China and found its way into the household in the 18th century, at the time used within the well-to-do to dry tea cups after the daily tea ceremony.

This tea towel was a highly refined damask version made of linen.
Quality and functionality were the main focus. Since that time, the tea towel has undergone a transformation and found its way from the delicate ladies' hands of the upper class to the hook in just about every kitchen. Changing in both function and form. The term kitchen towel then became a more fitting description. Since then, this cloth has become indispensable within the hospitality industry, and because it often graces the chef's shoulder, we chose to create a design that honours the classic block pattern with our own signature added.

The kitchen towel with the H, made from a high-quality jacquard. A woven blend of cotton and linen, naturally strong and absorbent to excel in both form and function.