Explore a new line of T-shirts

Explore a new line of T-shirts

Oversized T-shirts by Le Nouveau Chef

Le Nouveau Chef proudly introduces a new line of oversized T-shirts with distinct designs and features. Plus, check out our new short-sleeved polo model!

Our Le Nouveau Chef collection has been changing over the years, but one thing that has always stayed the same, our products are designed and produced from scratch by us. What was modern years ago, is old now, but some classics stay forever. Therefore we keep innovating and make adjustments but we also stay true to our classics. In this way our collection is reliable, diverse, and adjusted to different tastes and preferences. 

Creating modern designs for chef- and servicewear, is based on fashion and unique features. This makes our new T-shirt collection stand out. We provide customers with options that go beyond traditional kitchen and servicewear. 

Let's take a closer look at each new model to find out your perfect fit.

Oversized T-shirt Norian: Modern and Collarless
Made from a luxury, soft-touch fabric with a unique finish and a discreet press stud closure, the Norian adds a premium touch to any situation. Your next favourite item is characterized by a mix of simplicity and elegance, suitable for all genders and body shapes and ideal for anyone working in both kitchen and service positions.
Colours: Deep Blue / Black

Oversized T-shirt Henrique: Unique with a Zip Closure
Experience the true meaning of luxury with the Henrique—an efficient design that leaves a lasting impression for those who appreciate quality and craftsmanship. The finest textiles with premium finishing and a luxurious zipper closure make this model ideal for culinary entrepreneurs, regardless of body type, gender, or expertise.
Colours: Deep Blue / Black

Oversized T-shirt Gorgio: Unisex Model
The Gorgio becomes one with its wearer, thanks to exceptionally lightweight material and 

easy care instructions. This all-rounder suits everyone and every occasion. A button closure and oversized design compliment all body types and genders, perfect for both kitchen and service.
Colours: Olivette / Dark Grey / Patriot Blue / White / Black

Short Sleeve Polo Matteo: Especially created for service employees
Contemporary design with a slim fit, airy knitted material, and a woven button-down collar, ideal for professionals who want to stay comfortable throughout the day. In a rush? No problem—this item stays crease-free thanks to its unique blend of Bio-cotton and recycled polyester.
Colours: Patriot Blue / Light Blue / Black

All of these T-shirts and polo shirts make a great addition to your wardrobe. The colour range can be paired with existing Le Nouveau Chef items, such as our aprons and trousers. Dress the entire team in our modern, oversized T-shirts, or keep it for yourself. In either case, you maintain a cohesive visual impression in the kitchen and service.